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Add Your Creative Arts to Commercialized Displays
Invite Your Favorite Indie Artists to Join the Collective
Use our entire stock for your commercial/private Projects
Have audio keys created for your performance artist by Indie Artists


 Become a PRO Member to Use ALL Current Indie Art
Displays & Sell Your Muse Creations

With Royalty Free distributions

Launch Your Custom Shows One on One & in Groups
From Interactive Platforms & Your Own IA Portfolio

Display & Monetize All of Your Creative Arts:
Creative Writings
Paintings & Drawings
Performance Arts 
Lyrics & Lyric Compilations
(Video, Audio & Text)
Digital Crafts
Screen Plays & Skits
Life Bloopers
If an Art is Not Listed Create An Art Portfolio for It

ALL Artists are Welcome
Add Your Passions to our Indie Muse Collective 

Buy Projects one at a time or Get your PRO plan to Use All Indie Inventory in your Projects, whenever you like
with royalty Free distributions.. 

Do You Have a Recording Studio?
Collect Royalties from Your Studio
Clients & Artists

Using PublishRow Inventory
Start Your Own PubHub Recording Franchise
 Start Capitalizing Now

Join Dose #1 Riders 

Love it, Hate It, Rate It!
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Join the Indie Waves as a Master of Pieces.

ALL Materials Submitted by Indie Artists are FREE to use,

by Commercial Plan holders With Royalty Free Distributions.  

PublishRow is by Members for Members, so Indie Artists get paid.
All Inventory is Commercially Available.

Display, Lease or Sell Indie Crafts "As Is or Edit".



For Commercial & Non-Commercial Uses!

Introducing Indie PopUp Shows for Commercial Members.

Use Our Inventory to bring your events & projects to life,

with Royalty Free distributions.

We keep 35% of Event admissions & Indie Artist Entry Fees.


Utilize Bulk Productions Getting Paid to:

Create Arrangements for Commercial and Recreational Members.

Mix & Match Existing Indie inventory to Create New editions.

Get Paid to:

Create Print Lyric Compilations by editing existing inventory.

Each Wave Compilation Process will be different.

Become a Compilator 

Perform Pre-Arranged Lyric selections from inventory for viewers.

Become a Leaper 

Use ALL Indie Resources Limitlessly for your Projects.

Become a Wave Rider PRO 


Creative Write in Bulk.

-Create & Lease Your Creative Writings.

(Books/Poetry/Lyrics/Anything You Create Independently) 

Become a WaveWriter 


Build a Book

Sell Your Digital Books with WriterWavePublishing 

All Indie Creations are Available for Commercial Uses,
Once You have Your Commercial Membership.
Remember to Press Monetize & Register Each Creation

Purchase projects one at a time or Pay One Monthly Subscription to use all inventory limitlessly!

Members Only:
See it, Like it, Use it - Edit or use as is.

Audio samples, Royalty Free Distributions & Bonus Gifts
with digital album purchases.


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To Access Member Pages With More Features
Add, Edit, Perform Custom Displays Live& More

On Mobile:
Log in, Then Click Your Name to Access Members Menu

All Features Not Yet Available on Mobile

Check out Site Microphones in display Galleries.

All displays are inventory & Each Microphone is Different.


CROL : Cross The Lines

Mix and Match Existing Displays

(Display text, audio, video, PDF, etc)

with other indie artist's  displays (text/beats/performers/etc)

Mix any PublishRow Indie Displays

To create new Indie Art Compilations



On-Going Creative Arts Projects: Waves

DIB: Do It Better

Demonstrate and Display

Existing Displays

Edit Current Indie Displays &

Create new Audio/Video Displays

All submissions will be publicly rated

for placement in Marketing Slots.

Add Your Indie Wave of Any Craft.


Add Your Audio and Video Demonstrations

of PublishRow inventory to Podcast.

About Us

PublishRow is a Unique Community

For ALL Creative Artists around the world

Unite with our Diverse Community

PublishRow is Created By & For

Independent Artists to

Showcase, Market, Sell & Lease

Independently Created Materials to F

Music developers/Movie managers

Creative Art Enthusiasts & More

Creators, Consumers, Large Corporations & More

PublishRow InterActive Collective Is Fully Functional 

Create & Manage your own PublishRow Community

Monetize Anything You Create as a Commercial Member

Host One on One & in Group Waves

In Live and Pre Recorded Sessions

Publish To Private & Public Waves

ALL Inventory Available for Commercial Uses

All PublishRow Displays/Materials are:

-Marketed as a collective

- Placed In multiple Private and Public Displays

-Available for Commercial


Non-Commercial Use

 -Available for Non-Exclusive Uses

-Placed in Indie Raffles

Only Dose1 & VIP PRO Members select Exclusive Arrangements

Become a VIP PRO Member Here >

You Must Earn 10 PublishRow Badges

To Become a Dose1 Rider >


Studio Owners & Managers,
Want or Need a New Edge?

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